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The Golf Guru Show

Apr 26, 2018

James Ridyard is a short game specialist and co-owner of the short game secrets brand where you can find all of their short game and putting videos. Check out his bio by clicking on the link 

you can reach out to him on twitter @jamesridyard

John Graham is a PGA and LPGA  Tour putting coach 

you can reach out to him on twitter @johngrahamgolf

On this episode we discussed:

  • the paths of success that each of them took
  • how important the testing process is when starting a lesson and what makes these 2 of the best in the business
  • how they met and formed  the short game secrets brand
  • what advice they would give to young instructors
  • what class they would be qualified to teach to a group of college students that wouldn't include golf
  • who they considered mentors and how they assisted in their success
  • how arguments and debates on twitter brought the 3 of us together as friends
  • and much more.........

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